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GEYOTAR Wood Burning Kit Carving

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PyroPicasso-Every Raving Pyromaniacs Dream. Are you pyro with a creative side?! Then we’re about to make your day.. introducing PyroPicasso! Our handheld wood burning pen that’ll allow you to take your DIY wood creations to the next level! Make customized gifts for your friends and loved ones for any occasion like birthdays, holidays, & Christmas! Ditch the old greeting cards & make something that shows just how much you care. So while all of your lazy friends are sitting around wasting life watching TV you can feel good knowing your creation something special, something unique, something purely and perfectly YOU! This awesome wood pen is perfect for that artistically inclined person in your life.. its also perfect for getting your kids off their electronics.. give them a hobby they can enjoy the rest of their lives! So if you’re looking for a way to spice up your DIY wood projects, or you’re just looking for a perfect holiday gift idea, grab PyroPicasso and bring all of your life long dream projects into reality!


Create Thoughtful Handmade Gifts - ditch those old boring greeting cards and the same gifts you give out every year.. this year make something thoughtful, make something one of a kind!

Creation Possibilities Are Limitless - the things you can do with this fun pyro pen are endless, whatever you can think of you can create.. there is no such thing as a bad picture, practice makes perfect!

100% Non Toxic & Safe for Kids & Pets - this wood burning pen uses heat and wood so it is 100% non toxic and safe to use for kids (with parental supervision) of course!

4 PCS Rugged 90 Degree Right Angle Clamp
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GEYOTAR Wood Burning Kit Carving Pyrography Pen Kit 60W Adjustable Temperature Soldering Iron Welding Wood Embossing Burning set

Product Features:

1,Accuracy. Small distance between the iron head and handle. Easy to use just like writing with a pen.
2,Multiple tips can meet different needs.
3,Smooth use. When you writing and drawing, it works perfect without interruption.
4,Adjustable temperatures. It works well on paper, gourd, woodcut, root, bamboo, wooden products, coconut shell, PU leather
5,Scorch function makes it easy to use for beginners.
6,Portable holder to ensure safety and convenience
7,Power saving. Power 60W, temperature could reach to 450℃
8,Ceramic technology. The soldering iron heat up very quickly and keep steady
9,Compatible with electronic welding. Change the converter, you can use it to weld electronic products.
Package includes:
1 x Wood Burning Iron
1 x Wood Burning Pen Holder
1 x Pencil Sharpener
6 x Pencils
5 x soldering iron Tips
1 x solder wire(15g)
 1 x carving knife with 5 blades
5 x Wood Burning Stencils
25 x Wood Burning Tips
1 x Carry Bag
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